Performance Bicycles ltd - Mechanic - Victoria - BC

Company/Shop: Performance Bicycles ltd

Position: Bike Shop Mechanic

Job Description: This shop has a small footprint, so while the position is primarily as a technician, interaction with our customers will be necessary. Therefore good customer/people skills is a definite asset. We use Lightspeed as our POS system, so some computer skill and understanding is also useful. The job entails all manner of bicycle repairs for all brands, and all ages, as well as assembly of new bicycles from the box and installation of accessories. We appreciate that many people will have had years of experience working on their own and friends' bikes, but it is not the same as having actual shop experience and having deadlines to meet in getting repairs completed by the promised time. We need someone who can already do this kind of work and has actual shop experience.

Wage/Salary: $20.00

Contact Name: Pamela FitzGibbon

Contact Email Address:

Phone Number: (250) 727-6655


Submit Résumé By: 9/30/2019