Sidesaddle - Service Manager - Vancouver, BC

Company/Shop: Sidesaddle

Position: Service Manager

Job Description: Sidesaddle is seeking a leader for our Service Department. Our shop is still young and growing, help us take it over the top and share in the spoils of victory!

Your Role: You are the intelligent, noble, clear eyed lead dog of the service team. You steer a path to keep repairs and builds flowing smoothly, keep quality of work up to Sidesaddle’s standards (which are high), and keep customers happy. You use our existing systems (and develop new ones) to keep everything organized, but you also anticipate problems and use your excellent judgement to improvise as necessary. You instill confidence and energy in your team members, and you can smile through a hard day’s work. A full and detailed job description is available on request.

About Us: Established in 2014, Sidesaddle is Canada’s original women-forward, everyone welcome bike shop. We serve all-road, transportation, cargo, and increasingly e-bike riders. Our staff are intelligent, diligent, and kind, and our work is extremely reliable and effective. We meet needs that other shops fail to acknowledge and solve problems that other shops can’t. That’s how we compete in this crowded industry, and that’s why we’re able to charge top dollar for our skills and expertise. We have a team of about four full time and six to eight part time staff, most of whom wrench at least some of the time. Our shop space is 1100sf and we are open 7 days a week.

About Vancouver: For those who are unfamiliar, Vancouver is a very bike friendly city and a great place to live, offering the best of big city cultural and social life in a mountainous coastal rainforest. We’re big enough that most touring bands make a stop here, but the mountains are close enough that you can go adventuring all day and still make the show that evening. Our shop is on the east side, which is where all the fun people and weirdos hang out.

What we’re offering:

- $50,000/yr ($25/hr) starting salary, plus profit share paid out quarterly

- flexible work hours including a four day work week if desired

- four weeks per year paid time off, for use as sick days, vacation, or just ‘you time’

- extended health plan for you and your family

- training, research, and professional development opportunities – we are constantly learning new things and we often travel fun places to do so

To apply: Send a resume and cover letter outlining why you want the job, why you’d be good at the job, and how the job fits with your future plans. 

Only those selected for interviews will receive a response, but thank you to all for your interest!

Wage/Salary: $50000

Contact Name: Andrea Smith

Contact Email Address:

Phone Number: (604) 428-2453


Submit Résumé By: 9/15/2019