Park Tool School $275.00

Park Tool School is a course that was designed by the famous bicycle tool company to help the average rider learn how to do their own basic repairs and preventive maintenance. It's a great program on many different levels.

  1. Park Tool School is empowering, i.e. it teaches you to be more self-reliant on the road or on the trail.

  2. Park Tool School saves you money by giving you the confidence to do your own basic repairs and maintenance, saving on those spendy service bills.

  3. By knowing the appropriate bike industry lingo, you'll be better prepared deal with your local bike shop when ordering parts, or when more extensive repairs are needed.

  4. You'll know what you can do, know how to spot work that's beyond your tooling or skills, and know what to ask for when you go to your local bike shop.

  5. Park tool School is a great way to meet other cyclists.

 Bicycles are a dynamic form of transportation, and an excellent form of recreation. The bicycle is a machine that sees use on a regular basis, and because of this it needs to be maintained. Brakes work through friction, that friction wears the pads down, and eventually the pads need adjusting and/or replacing. Grease breaks down over time in bearings and needs renewing to prevent excessive bearing system wear. Cable systems require adjustment and replacement from time to time. Chains wear out too, and knowing when your chain's ready for replacement will save you money in the long run by avoiding excessive wear on cassette or freewheel. By knowing how to inspect and service your bike, you'll be confident in your bike's safety and performance, and your long term costs will be reduced.

At Winterborne Bicycle Institute we run the Park Tool School every month. The course runs on a single weekend, 9-5 Saturday and Sunday. There's room for 8 students in each class. We like to keep the classes small so we can work closely with you during the hands-on labs, of which there are several. Students work in pairs at one of 5 impressively-equipped workbenches. We also have a full stable of shop bikes to support the hands-on labs.

 The cost of the class is $275 which includes 2 full days of instruction, a Park Tool "Certificate of Completion", and an opportunity to purchase tools and parts at a discounted price.

 Also included in the cost of the course is the option to come in for a follow up day ( no additional cost ). The follow up day allows students to bring in their own bikes and work on them under the watchful eyes of an instructor. If you want to install those shiny new parts or even just switch out your cables and housings then you're invited to come in and use our tools to do the job. And of course we're here to help if needed.

 Check the schedule above or on the enrollment page to see when the next class is being offered. Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or for registration information. Spots in an upcoming class can be held with a $100 non refundable administration fee.

Please note, cancellations closer than 1 week prior to the start of the class will forfeit any transferability of their non refundable administration feeIt's unfortunate we've had to implement this policy but the first three classes in 2019 half of the class has canceled or switched classes within 72 hours of the start of the course. This experience is new to us and this takes seats away from students who are more serious about attending as well it makes classes less economically viable to run.