The Bike Medics - Manager/Mechanic - Manitoulin Island, ON

Company/Shop: The Bike Medics

Position: Shop Manager - Mechanic

Job Description: The Bike Medics was a business my father and I started and ran Manitoulin Island for 20 years. After my father passed a number of years ago, I sold the remaining inventory and tools to a friend and he took over. The business changed hands again and unfortunately was run into the ground. The business went into receivership last year.

It is my desire to bring the Bike Medics back to life. It is a very seasonal gig with most activity starting in May, ramping up in June and very busy through July and August with a quick ramp down through September.

We'd be setting up from scratch. I'm currently looking for a physical space to set up shop.

if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, like small community living, love bikes, are a skillful mechanic, and want be supported to run a shop, please get in touch.

Pay is negotiable based on how we to structure an employment/cooperation agreement.

Wage/Salary: $0.00

Contact Name: Justin Tilson

Contact Email Address:

Phone Number: (705) 987-2791

Website: http://none-at-this-time

Submit Résumé By: 6/1/2019