Old Town Bikeworks - Manager - Yellowknife

Company/Shop: Old Town Bikeworks

Position: Manager

Job Description: About Bikeworks:
Bikeworks is an operating unit of Old Town Glass (OTG) that has been providing bicycle repair, refurbishment and sales since 2013. Bikeworks recycles bicycles and offers repair services, and would like to grow by providing educational services to customers. Bikeworks operates under a workers' cooperative business model which values quality services to its customers and a positive, creative and entrepreneurial work space for employees. Bikeworks has a fully equipped repair shop and an inventory of bicycles and parts at the facility within the OTG compound in Old Town, Yellowknife, NT. 

Bikeworks is looking for a creative and motivated individual to manage the seasonal business. Duties will include all tasks necessary to manage the business, including: 
- Promoting and developing the business
- Managing the operation of the facility
- Staffing
- Preparation of sales invoices
- Tracking revenues and expenses and reporting of same to OTG

Ideally, the Manager is someone who can take responsibility, with support from OTG, to grow the business over time. 

The Ideal candidate is someone who thrives in a customer focused environment and supports the business and social objectives of OTG and Bikeworks. Desirable attributes include but are not limited to:
- Technical ability with repairing bicycles (ideally a certified bicycle mechanic)
- A desire to be part of the success of OTG and Bikeworks
- Able to manage work tasks and staff
- Commitment to customer satisfaction
- Ability to prepare and report on financial performance

Salary is negotiable.


Contact Name: Matthew Grogono

Contact Email Address: matthew@oldtownglassworks.com

Phone Number: (867) 669-7654

Website: http://www.facebook.com/OldTownBikeworks/

Submit Résumé By: 4/15/2019