Pieriks-Cycle Hamilton

Company/Shop: Pieriks-Cycle Hamilton

Position: Mechanic

Job Description: Applicant must be able to:

Quickly change tires and tubes.

Install and adjust all makes of shifters and derailleurs.

Install and adjust all makes of rim brakes;

Install, adjust and bleed all makes of disc brakes.

Install chains, cassettes, freewheels, cranks & bottom brackets

Install accessories such as as locks, fenders, racks, baskets, lights,

Diagnose the problems with customer's bicycles.

Communicate with customers to inform them of the work and parts required to fix their bicycle, the estimated labor costs and the estimate time of completion.

Maintain a clean and organized work area.

Interact well with fellow employees and customers.

Be punctual and reliable.
Grow with us and be committed our shops operations.
Don't mind getting your hands dirty.
Be Customer friendly!


Contact Name: lou v

Contact Email Address: info@pierikscycle.com

Phone Number: (905) 525-8521

Website: http://www.pierikscycle.com

Submit Résumé By: 4/30/2019