PLEASE NOTE: We will be updating these packages in early 2015 to reflect cycling trends and what is currently available through our distributors.


When you register for the wheel building course you will have your choice of components to build your wheel-set with. These components are included in the costof the course. When you register you will be contacted with confirmation of yourregistration, and at that point we will want to know which wheel building package thatyou will choose for your wheel set, which depends on what type of bicycle you intend toinstall your new wheels.

We have four types of packages that are included in the cost of the course:

  1. 9 speed Mountain Bike
  2. 10 speed Road Bike
  3. 9 speed Touring Bike
  4. Fixed Gear, or Track Bike

If you have a bike that you wish to build wheel for during the class that doesn’t fit these4 choices then when you are contacted please let us know. Also note that we need thisinformation at least a week at least a week before the course.

Also if you have questions of compatibility with the components you intend to select butare unsure if they will be compatible with the bike you intend to install them on then,then feel free to double check when informing us about the wheel building package you intent to select.

Here is a list of Components that we stock for the course. Please note that if they are unavailable due to stock issues, then we will replace the components with parts of asimilar level of quality.


  1. 9 speed Mountain Bike: Shimano SLX Center Lock.
  2. 10 speed Road Bike: Shimano 105.
  3. 9 speed Touring Bike: Shimano LX.
  4. Fixed Gear, or Track Bike: Formula TH-50 High Flange Sealed Bearing.


  1. 9 speed Mountain Bike: Sun Ryno Lite, Mavic XM 317, or Sun Single Track, or29’er option
  2. 10 speed Road Bike: Mavic CXP-22, Mavic Open Sport
  3. 9 speed Touring Bike: Mavic A319, or 26” option.
  4. Fixed Gear, or Track Bike: Any of the 700C options, or a Deep-V type available indifferent colours.


We will be using custom cut double butted stainless steel spokes. This is the best quality spoke available and they will be cut and threaded for you prior to the class. Please note that this is the only option for spokes.