Located in Guelph Ontario, the Winterborne Bicycle Institute  offers a variety of courses at our local facility and on an offsite consulting basis. Our current course schedule gets constant updates as college enrollment opens . Our 3 most popular courses are the 2 week Professional mechanics course, 2 day Professional wheel building and the 2 day Park Tool School.

WBI is a unique professional bicycle mechanic training school - one of only a few of its kind in North America. Co-founders Jason Filer and Alan Medcalf saw the need to create an institute that helps elevate service and fulfills the demand for skilled mechanics in bicycle shops across Canada. The tradition is now carried on by pro Sky Maracle and a number of former students and industry professionals.

Aspiring, intermediate and professional bicycle mechanics can choose from a variety of courses offered by the Institute. WBI is also the exclusive educational partner of Conestoga College. No other College or University offers this off-campus experience in North America.

The professional mechanics at Winterborne are not only experienced, but take a meticulous and methodical approach to bicycle repair. We teach our students the skill set required to repair bicycles for optimum function and safety. The shop houses only the best of the best equipment and mechanics. We have a Master Wheel Technician on staff and guarantee our work - 100%. Our mission is to help get more people on bikes more often!


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Intensive, hands-on, 11 day immersion in bicycle mechanics. $1799.00

Winterborne Bicycle Institute runs an intensive eleven day training program for career bicycle mechanics, located at our fully-equipped facility in Guelph, Ontario.

 More people are taking up cycling in a quest for better health and cycling is also quickly gaining acceptance as a mode of urban transport. The bicycle industry is growing to meet these opportunities. At the same time, bicycle technology is becoming increasingly complex and the diversity of usage-specific components and designs is exploding. The bicycle industry today faces a growing shortage of well-trained, experienced staff with a solid understanding of bicycle mechanics, materials, fit and maintenance.

 Our course is an intensive, hands-on, 11 day immersion in bicycle mechanics. Current and aspiring mechanics will gain practical knowledge and experience with all major bicycle components, including: frames, bearings, wheels, drive trains, brakes and shifting systems, on a variety of bicycle styles and vintages. Two days are devoted to the skilled craft of repairing and building wheels, including design and selection of components for specific uses.

 Mechanics also gain a solid understanding of bicycle materials, design and trade-offs associated with different intended usages, from weekend cruising in the park to competing in triathlons.

 Selecting and using task-specific tools, along with organizing and running the service department, are all part of the learning experience as well. Our students graduate ready to confidently assemble, fit, troubleshoot and repair bicycles of all types.

 Enhance your shop's competitive advantage. To register your mechanics, see Conestoga College.

 With the knowledge and experienced gained at WBI, avid home mechanics become pros, and current and aspiring bike shop wrenches take their skills and confidence to a new level.

 All shop supplies and use of tools and "bench bikes" are included in the course fee. Use of course texts "Barnett's Manual" and Dr. Arnie Baker's "Bike Fit" are included too.

 WBI is an off-campus training partner of Conestoga College. The College provides registration support and oversight on our curriculum, evaluation and delivery.

 WBI is also accredited by Shimano Canada and works closely with the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association aiding in the development of standardized mechanical training. Students can be assured they're gaining current knowledge and hands-on experience with a diversity of Shimano, SRAM and even some Capagnolo components.

 This is an accredited course offered through Conestoga College, where you'll find our course listed as MECH1230 in the Continuing Education catalogue. Registration is handled through Conestoga College.

The Park Tool School


Park Tool School is a course that was designed by the famous bicycle tool company to help the average rider learn how to do their own basic repairs and preventive maintenance. It's a great program on many different levels.

  1. Park Tool School is empowering, i.e. it teaches you to be more self-reliant on the road or on the trail.

  2. Park Tool School saves you money by giving you the confidence to do your own basic repairs and maintenance, saving on those spendy service bills.

  3. By knowing the appropriate bike industry lingo, you'll be better prepared deal with your local bike shop when ordering parts, or when more extensive repairs are needed.

  4. You'll know what you can do, know how to spot work that's beyond your tooling or skills, and know what to ask for when you go to your local bike shop.

  5. Park tool School is a great way to meet other cyclists.

 Bicycles are a dynamic form of transportation, and an excellent form of recreation. The bicycle is a machine that sees use on a regular basis, and because of this it needs to be maintained. Brakes work through friction, that friction wears the pads down, and eventually the pads need adjusting and/or replacing. Grease breaks down over time in bearings and needs renewing to prevent excessive bearing system wear. Cable systems require adjustment and replacement from time to time. Chains wear out too, and knowing when your chain's ready for replacement will save you money in the long run by avoiding excessive wear on cassette or freewheel. By knowing how to inspect and service your bike, you'll be confident in your bike's safety and performance, and your long term costs will be reduced.

 At Winterborne Bicycle Institute we run the Park Tool School at least every month. The course runs on a single weekend (9-5 Saturday and Sunday). There's room for 8 students in each class. We like to keep the classes small so we can work closely with you during the hands-on labs, of which there are several. Students work in pairs at one of 5 impressively-equipped workbenches. We also have a full stable of shop bikes to support the hands-on labs.

 The cost of the class is $275 which includes 2 full days of instruction, a Park Tool "Certificate of Completion", and an opportunity to purchase tools and parts at a discounted price.

 Also included in the cost of the course is the option to come in for a follow up day ( no additional cost ). The follow up day allows students to bring in their own bikes and work on them under the watchful eyes of an instructor. If you want to install those shiny new parts or even just switch out your cables and housings then you're invited to come in and use our tools to do the job. And of course we're here to help if needed.

 Check the schedule to see when the next class is being offered. Feel free to call or e-mail with questions or for registration information. Spots in an upcoming class can be held with a $100 non refundable administration fee.



Wheel building is not an art. It is scientific and repeatable. $749.00

 Here at Winterborne Bicycle Institute we take the mystique out of building bicycle wheels and teach our students a step-by-step methodology that results in a wheel that meets the tolerances of the bicycle industry.

 Over the 2 (20 hours) days of instruction students will gain an understanding of how to select components for compatibility and specific usage, how to select spokes and calculate the lengths you’ll need, how to select and use purpose designed wheel building tools. You will also be able to discuss the merits of different materials and lacing patterns, and the impact they have on performance, reliability and serviceability.

 During the course students will build 3 wheels. Using our methodology students will prepare the rim and spokes, lace up the wheel, take the wheel through lateral and radial truring, while keeping the centre line perfect through dishing. Layers of tension will be added until the wheel is up to tension specification and the ideal tension is balanced and true.

 The cost of this course includes a copy of the WBI Wheel Building Course Book, all the materials for students to build up their own set of wheels. Successful students will receive a WBI Professional Wheel Building Certificate.

 If you would like to learn more about this course, have a look at our hub, rims, and spokes packages to get an idea of the components you will be building with. These components can be substituted to suit what you want to build, occasionally at additional charge. When you are ready to register, click on the MECH1400 Registration link at the top which will take you to the Conestoga College on-line registration area.


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